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WT1 Window Tint Film

WT2 Window Tint Film

Description: Light Smoke 20" x 90"


WT3 Window Tint Film

WT4 Window Tint Film

Description: Dark Smoke 20" x 90"


Description: Limo Black 20" x 90"

Description: Limo Black 30" x 60"

WT7 & WT8 Mirror Film

Are No Longer Available

WT7 Window Tint Film

WT8 Window Tint Film

Description: Mirror 20" x 90"

Description: Mirror 30" x 60"


Window tint fitting kit

Our WFK Window Tint Fitting Kits are now available from stock. Each kit comes with an easy use applicator bottle with trigger spray, squeegee, Lint Free Cloth, Snap Off Knife and Trimming blade. Everything you need to fit you window tint film succesfully.

Why CP Film?

CP Film is one of the best films you can buy for the automotive tint market. Its manufacturing plant in America is world leading. From the dye application to the film properties, tolerances and quality is always guaranteed. There are many cheaper films on the market, however, we beleive in quality and reputation...